Thursday, August 12, 2010

Campus kicks

Hey lovies!

The last time I blogged I told everyone about what was going on with my cat, well.. I went by the animal hospital and dropped off a flyer. I have been calling everyday in hopes that they found out who brought her in. So far they haven't, BUT, I'm going to remain hopeful and continue praying that we will be able to bring her home.

In other news.. Yesterday I sold a pair of shoes on etsy and as I was checking the mailing address I read over the first line and it said "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" which continued with "Rockefeller Plaza" I was so excited and couldn't believe my eyes!
I sent the shoes off today and included in my handwritten card
"Receive 10% off your next purchase
50% if you say something about it on late night,
Ha, just kidding"
I'm hoping they'll think it was charming and take it seriously, ha. Oh my lands, would that be great or what!?

ANYWAY, I would like to dedicate the last portion of my post to campus boots. I have a feeling this style of boot is going to be really hot this Fall and Winter. I know for sure I'll be purchasing & sporting a pair, can't wait!

from ScottieinaCanoe

from purevintageclothing

from santokivintage


and a brand new pair added to my shop,

It's all about the square toe and chunky stacked heel. Really loving this style!

Now, share with me some fashion trends you're looking forward to in the Fall and Winter.

xo Kala Noel.


  1. Oh I do hope you find your Cat, keeping my fingers crossed. My favorite things to wear when I think of fall or winter are of course thick cotton stocking, boots and scarves. Unfortunately it doesn't get cold enough in L.A. to wear gloves, I guess you could but it isn't very necessary. I am still holding on to the Summer, it's my fav.

  2. Your kitty is in my prayers! I don't know what I would do if I lost my little guy...

    sending hope your way<3

  3. i really do love your blog!
    i hope you find your dear kitty. have hope though, someone will find her soon!
    and wow, what a exciting thing about jimmy f.!

  4. aw, so many great boots!

    i want these boots so bad, it makes me sick they're so expensive.

  5. Oooh wow hope you get mentioned! That's really exciting :)

  6. Oh wow... you're going to be FAMOUS! How exciting!!
    Fingers crossed your kittycat comes home soon xox