Friday, January 8, 2010

Russian, Lace

About a week ago I was contacted on my etsy from a darling girl from Switzerland! She was wanting to purchase my tall russian hat that I have taken many photos with recently. Unfortunately it was part of my own collection and was not for sale. Well, with that, I was inspired to create my own tall russian hat! It's a lot more difficult than you'd think to find (nice) fake fur.
once I found something somewhat desirable I set forth on my mission! The fur was terribly too thick for my poor sewing machine so I went ahead and did it by hand.
The outcome wasn't as great as I'd like, BUT, it's wearable?

Well, back to my Switzerland vintage hunter. She messaged me yet again asking about a lace top I was wearing in one of my etsy listings. AGAIN, I was not selling the item. I felt terrible and had
to do something about it. I decided I'd become her personal shopper. She told me that in Switzerland it is very difficult coming across vintage clothing. I couldn't possibly imagine going without it. So, I'm going to make her vintage finds easier and I want to help you out as well!
Let me be your personal shopper. (:

Here are a few tops I've listed tonight.
Also, next post will be photos of the lace tops I found for her on my hunt! Hopefully she'll like at least one. (:

I long for Spring.

a couple fun photos for kicks

Cheers! xo

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  1. Im jealous of that hat, I need to figure out how to make one!

    As soon as we have more money set aside, I have to redo my closet with non-pregnancy body clothes and guess where I'm shopping! Haha, I have my heart set on getting that Coco dress, one day. I love the ruffled neck line.