Wednesday, January 6, 2010

And so it goes..

Last night I had finished up the remaining film from my canon AE-1.. As I was preparing to take the last photo my camera decided to snap the film in two!! I was devastated! I quickly turned off the lights, opened the back of my camera and started pushing the film back into the roll hoping for some sort of miracle. I was terrified that the little glow-in-the-dark stars I have plastered on my ceiling from the 6th grade would expose the film too much to where I wouldn't be able to get anything out of it at all. After a while of pushing film back into the roll it decided to jam and became impossible to do it even more. ): I was able to shut the back of my camera and took it in to get developed this evening.
I salvaged a few photos form the roll but most were very over exposed and red looking. BUT, after all that work I HAVE to post some of them, right?

I have the most basic editing program ever so, bare with me! (:

her eyes.. gah!

a beautiful lace dress from my etsy shop

photos from the wedding

and there you have it!

I decided to post this video for my new blogging/etsy buddy to sing to her new baby girl. Enjoy
cranberries, yes

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  1. All of your photos look great! I'm jealous of your photography skills. Hopefully mine will improve this year. The back of your friends dress is gorgeous!

    What photo editing program do you use?

    Aww, what a beautiful song in the video you posted for me! I have never heard Alela Diane before, and this song is a great song for me to hear her for the first time. It's gorgeous. It made me smile so big!