Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New things! and GETTING REAL.

what I wore:
angora sweater: thrifted
1920s opera coat: vintage shop
black maxi skirt: vintage, thrifted
star&moon clips: handmade. black glove: vintage, thrifted.
(photos from the short snow storm we had in December. It snowed for one day and lasted for a full 2 weeks!)

Hey guys! again, again... it's been quite a long while since I've written on this here blog... BUTTTT, that will not detour me from making random appearances because if I'm being honest, blogging always ends up sounding extremely appealing after those small "breaks" I tend to take.

ANYWAY, I've recently ventured back into the world of online selling. I had been toying with this idea back and forth as many of you have probably gathered by the number of posts I had been writing, etc... Well, if I'm being completely honest it made me slightly, extremely NERVOUS.

Back in 2009, when I had started my first Etsy Shop I was extremely thrilled! I started off with selling my handmade, feather earrings then later ventured into vintage. I've always had such a passion for any and all things creative. Fashion, fine arts, crafting, sewing, I LOVE IT ALL! I was also extremely blessed with talented friends and a supportive family who encouraged me to take my passions and run with them. Now, as much as I'd love to say that I ran full force, eyes closed and hair blowing in the wind that would be a complete lie. I took more of a mild stroll on a slightly breezy day. I procrastinated far too much and became disorganized, I had forgotten what it felt like to have that passion for what I was doing.

Flash forward to 2012 when my etsy shops were no longer a thing and I became a waitress. I actually really loved it! The nearly two years I worked as a server brought on new appreciation for what I had already loved. ART. I began using every day off I had to sew dresses and wear them throughout my work week. I met amazing, older woman who graced me with an abundance of vintage fabrics while hearing story after story of sewing enduvers "back in the day."

"The break" had re-lit what I had always desired. I want so badly to share (with my tiny corner of the internet) my creative vision! As small as that may be. (:
It's definitely been a slowwwww process but I'm growing! I have so many amazing pieces that I'm sorting through and getting ready. I'll be stocking my shop, For the Beloved full of handmade AND vintage pieces! I would love For the Beloved to became a go to "one stop shop" stocked with an array of treasures.

AND WITH THAT ALL SAID... I want to say THANKKKKK YOUUUU!!! to all the beautiful people who have followed my blog, instagram, etsy, facebook and anything else. It really has been such an amazing growing experiences. You all are just gems!

XOXOXO, Kala Noel.


  1. Eek exciting! Are you going to be selling any handmade star and moon clips? I would LOVE some.

  2. Love to see that you're posting your beautiful art again! Miss you girl! Keep up the good work!!!

  3. So happy to read your posts again. That coat is absolutely amazing!!! I'm living in Norway now, so during the last months I've seen that it's quite difficult to keep elegant with -10 ºC outside (I just feel like wearing my feather-filled coat, not very elegant but warm), but a coat like that is such a good option! Congrats for your purchase :-)

  4. You look like a grand lady in this outfit, it looks so lovely on you! Sometimes you have to step away from the things that light your fire, so you can remember what it was about them that really got you going in the first place.

  5. Amazing post! :0 I'm trying out for a sponser, and if you could comment like literally 1 letter on my blog, I'll love you! Thanks for your support<3 xx Peach

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