Friday, July 19, 2013

Mexican Summer

what I wore:
dress: handmade.
shoes: thrifted, vintage.
sunglasses: Ray Ban
necklace: my grandmothers.

Hey guys! so I know I've been posting a lot about dresses I've been making but it's honestly one of the only activities I've been doing outside of work. I really am pleased with how this dress turned out! I used a vintage fabric I found with my ma at a local estate sale.
I had been looking forward to making a backless dress for quite some time now. The heat around here is nearly intolerable! This is one of the designs I'll be creating once I get my shop up and running again but like I mentioned before, I am definitely willing to take custom orders at this time via email.

Anyway, I scored these Ray Bans several months back at Ross for $79.99! Isn't that a steal?! I had been looking for the perfect sunglasses for quite sometime and I just KNEW I would find a pair at Ross for half the cost and boy was I right. I pretty much gasped when I saw them and shortly after trying them on they went home with me. I've gone through so many huge, over sized, bug eye style glasses through the years so finding the perfect pair was so refreshing... However, I still love my ugly bug eye shades. HA!

I leave you with one of my favorite songs from 2009. I hope you soak it up on this summer day! (or winter day depending on where you're at! (;)
Kala Noel.


  1. Sell homemade dresses on etsy please I love your fashion sense! xx

  2. looove the pictures and your dress ♥

  3. Holy wow girl, you are amazing!!! this dress is absolutely stunning, the cutout on the back is perfect and so is the print - i love how it's a fun print but in a subdued color so it's really something you can wear anytime. your pics in the beauty scenery are so pretty too! but, i will say i dont know about those Raybands haha because I found some fake ones at Ross for $8 that seem no worse.
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  4. I just found your blog. I love that dress. You're very talented. And you're pretty as can be with great style,

  5. Wow! You are talented. I love this dress and the cut-out back!

  6. The dress is absolutely stunning and kudos to you for making it.


  7. Hi love, I'm so happy that I discovered your beautiful blog! Your dress is extremely beautiful, I'm so impressed that you made it! I used to do a lot of sewing and I've been a bit of a slacker making creations lately, but you are definitely inspiring me to try a new dress pattern. Can't wait to keep up with your outfits :)

    Xo, Hannah