Saturday, May 4, 2013

Moped fashion?

A couple days ago a friend of mine took me on a moped adventure to a couple places I had never seen in my town. I fell in love with so many of the areas and have decided that I now want a moped more than ever. They are so much fun! Other than new found love for mopeding it also has rekindled my appreciation for the area I live in which makes my excitement to blog on an ultimate high. I want to share photos of all these glorious places with you! PLUS, it's pretty much the most exciting thing ever to get dressed up and hop onto the back (or front) of a moped!

what I wore:
sequin top, vintage, thrifted.
pleated shirt, vintage, thrifted.
sweater, thrifted.
tights, JC Penny.
justin boots, vintage, thrifted.
crystal necklace, handcrafted.
bead crown, handmade by my sweet.

See you soon!
Kala Noel.


  1. You are such a cutie! The places in these photos look so gorgeous! I'd love to have a moped too, but with the way people around here drive... NO.

  2. Wow. Amazing pictures. I love your style! You look so gorgeous.

  3. I love the sparkly vintage top and the crystal necklace- you've mixed the perfect balance of girly and edgy. The moped adventures sound so fun! My aunt has one and I get to drive it all around Kona, Hawaii when I visit, its so much fun!
    Hope you're having a wonderful day!
    xo Hannah

  4. Hi !

    Recently came across your blog and found it fresh and a pleasure to read !
    Looking very cute in this outfit.

    I work with and we have some beautiful ethnic designs too. I think you would like them too :) and congratulations to you on your wonderful blog :)

    Shivangi Sharma