Tuesday, May 17, 2011

All wrapped into one

Hello everyone! After a long week & weekend I'm back to catch up on some lost blogging time. The past week I was a part of Bruklyns megatour with a couple girls, it was a lot of fun! First time ever playing outside of a coffee shop and actually in a BAR! ha. She did wonderfully!

After the shows, Christian and I went out to meet with our friends Teagan and Melinda who were traveling from LA to Portland. We went out for sushi the first night and picked them up the second day to go to Ashland and look at all the pretty shops

taken in the Papaya shop in Ashland, isn't it pretty?!

After visiting with friends, Sunday came which was yet again another busy day! Christian and I headed into town for an antique show which was happening outside. It was SO rainy. We decided to take our antiquing inside where it was much warmer.

I found this coat a few weeks ago at a local antique mall and I can't get it out of my mind! it's so cute. I just HAD to get a photo wearing it.

After all these events, Monday came. I woke up very early to go to the Airport, did some thrifting on the drive home, came home which led to going out again for more thrifting, post office stops, video rental returns and last but not least a trip with my mom to a beautiful plant nursery.

It was POURING. We could only snap a few photos. I'm really looking forward to going back on a sunny day and taking advantage of this beautiful spot. So many unique flowers and plants everywhere! I really enjoyed my time there even though the rain tried to put a damper on everything. (;

OH and one more thing... In the middle of all these events I received the sweetest package from Taylor!! I just about squealed, it was so thoughtfully packaged. She is a very creative young lady, I can't wait to send her something! I've got ideas. (;

Anyway!! Sorry this post was SOOO long... I didn't know exactly what I was going to write since I had so many things to tell you all. I guess one big post will have to do it!

Kala Noel.


  1. Love the outfit! And especially the flower head band :)

    turn that frown upside down

  2. I love that coat you wearing in the last picture, the one with the necklace. That's a very pretty coat!

  3. That coat is amazing! In the last photos you remind me of Stevie Nicks!

  4. So incredibly gorgeous, I love these photos. And you're exactly right, that coat is perfect!

  5. Your packages have alwasy been incredible!

    And that carpet jacket...They are sooo hard to find...especially in vibrant colors like that. Want.

  6. You look so lovely! The red lipstick, the hair wreath, and the gorgeous floral cardi go together so well. I love chic, elegant vintage looks like this :) just wonderful.

  7. hello new favorite blog.
    look at your face, it's enchanting and beautiful.
    your outfits are whimisical and earthy.

    can't wait for future posts
    following forever <3 x

    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!

  8. Your outfits always looks so put together & lovely.

  9. Such lovely photos, your coat is beautiful, what a gem! xx

  10. Cute outfits!


  11. Sounds like a very entertaining couple of days! And yes, that shop featured in your first photo is just gorgeous x

  12. I'm so glad I have discovered your blog, it's great !

    See U !

  13. oh you're so beautiful!

    Annah xx


  14. love that outfit, most amazing cardi ever!

  15. Wow! Cuteness x 50,000. i picked up a verrrrry similar coat at Goodwill a few weeks back, same colors and everything. Unfortunately its not quite hot enough to sport it in LA yet... I'll trade you for those shoes!! :) just kidding.