Saturday, April 2, 2011


Today was another beautiful one! Slightly cooler than yesterday but very lovely. Traditionally I'll go out with my mother on days like these and we'll take photos of just about anything we think looks pretty. Today was a little different, Christian and I took a drive in search of somewhere pretty to snap photos! We ended up at this cute little camp ground next to the river.

Unfortunately the lighting wasn't the best down by the river so we snapped a few around the really tall trees surrounding us.

My blouse was a little more risque than something I'd normally wear so I was sure to bring a sweater with me just in case I got chilly/uncomfortable with the lack of fabric. I absolutely love the top, though!!

What I'm wearing:
cutwork top, thrifted.
black maxi skirt, thrifted, Salvation Army.
White Mountian Clogs, thrifted.

I have a few tops like these that will be popping up in the shop some time soon! Keep an eye out. <3

Kala Noel.


  1. i love your little top knot and that blouse is killer!

  2. Your lace top is positively adorable!

  3. I love your top, it's gorgeous.
    I wish i could work the long skirt look too.
    you look lovely.

  4. gorgeous top! wish i had more courage to wear lacy tops without much under them. completely lovely look!

  5. I love this top! I am all about slightly sheer, flowery numbers especially if they are boxy and cropped. This fits the bill perfectly! Nice to meet your blog! Lovely.