Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hello April!

Happy month of April everyone! I have a feeling this month is going to be absolutely breathtaking!!

It was a beautiful sunny day, I think it hit the 70 mark! I got to wear one of my favorite 1950's dresses for the first time since I purchased it on etsy. I think it was so absolutely fitting for the mood of the day.

After taking some photos and thrifting around a bit, Christian and I went and picked up Bruklyn for a dinner and photo taking date.

(christian waiting patiently for his food.)

We ate at a delicious burger cafe in Jacksonville called Jaspers. I had a mango veggie cheese burger, HOLY YUM!

After eating we snapped a few photos outside and somehow convinced Christian to take us to Macy's so we could try on Makeup and Perfume (naturally).

It was a pretty great day!!

On a side note...
About three or four years ago I awoke from a phone call from one of my best girl friends Jenny sobbing uncontrollably. After regaining a small ounce of composure she went on to say that she woke up in the morning and noticed my best friend Bruklyn wasn't breathing!! She then went on about how her family rushed her to the hospital and while at the Hospital she died.. By the end of the conversation I was a complete and utter mess! Crying and in disbelief that my bestfriend had just passed away.. As I was sobbing on the phone Jenny let out a giant laugh and said "APRIL FOOLS!!!" I was SOOO upset! Completely relieved but so, so, SO upset! Every year after that awful prank we discuss how terrible the "joke" was. Today Jenny called and apologized for the billionth time, I told her I was planning on writing a blog about it but decided against bringing it up again.. However, she urged me to do it. So, there you have it! Pretty terrible, right?

What is the worst April fools prank you've ever done or have had done to you? I'd love to hear your story!!

Kala Noel.


  1. Hello Pretty! I love this look, so perfect for Spring. Your blog is my new favourite, I love it!

    Cait xx

  2. P.S What is your contact email? I have a a favour to ask of you... I'm x

  3. Beautiful dress, gorgeous hair, wonderful trees.
    You've got such a great blog!

    That's terrible! I would still be upset if something like that happened to me too. I honestly can't think of many April Fools Day pranks that have been played on me...or that I've played on anyone. Lame.

  4. I am in love with all of these pictures! What a wonderful etsy find, perfect for spring.
    That veggie burger sounds so delish right now.

  5. oh my goodness..that is a horrible april fool's joke.
    haha..i have ALWAYS hate April the 1st. so glad it is done.
    i am love with your perfect white dress.
    so romantic and simple!
    have a wonderful weekend.

  6. you are an absolutely stunning girl and I am in love with your dress! so glad I found your blog, your style is <3 :D I'd totally wear practically anything you wear.

    Especially that white dress.

  7. you girls are so cute! I saw you at the Swell Season concert last summer with your bf? and you two were so dang cute! Picture perfect vintage, i was wishing I had my camera! :)

  8. that april fools joke seems absolutely horrible! i've never had one played on me like that.

    love the dress. :) so springy! you look beautiful.


  9. That dress is gorgeous! I am jealous of that things are green and blooming there, I live in Minneapolis and everything here is still dead and snowy!

  10. Your dress is so pretty, what a fab etsy find! That april fools joke was so mean! <3 xxx

  11. Gosh that is the prettiest dress ever! And the tree behind you is amazing :)
    I've never really done an april fools because I can be generally terrible any day of the week. I almost always sneak up behind my friend at her store and grab her around the waist, and she always screams haha.
    My little sister tried to april fools me past midday so I had to (gently) punch her :P

  12. So so pretty, your dress, your hair and the photos.

  13. you're so pretty ... love your blog !!