Monday, April 11, 2011

Record, an outfit post

Today while at the studio taking photos of etsy listings, I decided to add in an outfit shoot. Instead of going outside I thought it would be much prettier to take photos on bruklyns newly relocated record console! I think the lighting was SO beautiful.

After snapping some photos Bruklyn came over and joined in on the fun.

sweater, Ross
dress, Old Navy
flower crown, handmade
belt, thrifted
rings, assorted, vintage
shoes, etsy

I really love how the shadows of the trees were peaking through the curtain!

In other news, I've been attempting to grow my bangs out for quite sometime now. Every time I start I get really frustrated and end up cutting them again. Right now they are at the length where either I part them down the middle and sweep them to the side or I cut them so they don't fall into my eyes. It's such a task and completely annoying!!

So, I must ask... Cut my bangs or grow them out!? I've had bangs practically my whole life so it's a little hard for me to go against what I'm so accustomed to...

Kala Noel.


  1. I love the print on the dress, and the pretty floral wreath! Lovely outfit!

  2. wow gorgeous hair, great dress and cardigan too! i also like your friends cardigan :) xo

  3. wow, so lovely!!
    love the flower !!

  4. This outfit is just amazing! It has a really romantic spirit,but I love the little grungy (or grungyish^^)touch added by the wool coat!
    (by the way, your blog is my latest crush!)

  5. Aw, what cuties you two are!
    I love this outfit, it's so perfect! You definitely are a big influence on my style :)

    And with the bangs, I love short bangs on you but I'd be fun to see what you'd look like without em. I know you could rock it!

  6. You look beautiful :) i adore your style :) x

  7. the two of you are absolutely stunning! the clothes, your hair, the lighting - all of it perfect !

  8. Your bangs may be annoying to you but they actually look gorgeous at that semi grown out length! I'm so jealous of your hair in general. May I ask how you go about styling it to fall in those perfect waves?

  9. grow em out! i had bangs like tow years ago and they are now finally grown out. but once they get to the point where you have to part them, soon enough they will fit behind your ears, and soon enough they will be past your chin! its fun to change things up, and you can always go back to them!

  10. You are right, the lighting is stunning. What a perfect place for an impromptu outfit post!

    I am a bang lover myself so I could always say chop them. That said no bags seems to be a lot more versatile.. I think you could pull both off very will.