Saturday, December 25, 2010

Renegade fun!

Hello everyone! I am now back and ready to take on this delightful renegade post!! I had such a wonderful time in San Fransisco. Renegade was so exciting and SO busy! The turn out was absolutely amazing.

It was so exciting to see all of my hard work come together and experience all of the wonderful feedback!
My lovely friends Bruklyn and Christian were there to help. I am SO thankful for their help, I would have been scrambling all day long without them.
My amazing sister from Jenny Sue Hands made some lovely crocheted headwear for my booth, they were so adorable!

Quite a bundle of my fabulous customers let us take photos of them and their purchases,

The second day was just as great as the first! I couldn't believe the rain.. It was crazy! I thought the roof was going to collapse.
I couldn't believe the reaction I got from everyone with my feather creations. I brought 77 pairs of earrings and by the second day I only had 20 left!!

beginning of the second day..

close to the ending of the second day.

I met so many wonderful people including the lovely Francesca from The Snail and the Cyclops! She is such a delight. After the second day we all went out and talked about vintage, opportunities, family and much much more!

I look forward to doing many, many more Renegade Craft Fair adventures. It was an incredible experience with an incredible outcome. I couldn't have done it without my wonderful friends, I love them very much!!

Our drive home was a long yet exciting one! We stopped by bestbuy and I purchased a brand new Canon Rebel T2i!!!

It's an amazing camera with incredible photo taking and video taking abilities. I look forward to documenting this new and exciting chapter of my life.

Stay tuned for an exciting and scary update! Monday will be a big day. (;

xoxo Kala Noel.


  1. I just bought one and it takes AMAZING pics. Your feather creations are lovely;)

  2. I need this camera now, i just broken mine:(
    everything on this blog is soo lovely!

  3. I'm sorry I missed you :/. But you sold a ton my dear! Congrats. Do you have any owls lwft? will they be making it to your shop?

  4. your creations are so pretty !
    lucky you and your new camera :D I'll be waiting your photos!

  5. Again, I am so jealous! AND great camera! I wanna buy all of your earrings, haha

  6. It was wonderful seeing your items all over the event! Many ladies wore the feathers as soon as they purchased it. Great job, and it was nice meeting you! :D ~Pat

  7. Wow, nice work! I want some of these earrings! Particularly the blue feathers are so beautiful.