Thursday, November 25, 2010

A little owl family protrait.

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Here is a small renegade update for you all!

I am SO excited and feel so lucky to have this opportunity! I have completed 78 pairs of earrings, 8 owls, a necklace and I'm continually growing each and everyday from this experience..

In a week or so I'll be sharing some AWESOME news with each and everyone of you, I cannot wait for the exciting things to come for my business..
I'll be teaming up with my bestfriend bruklynbelle on a master plan! I see exciting new plans for us, I can't wait!! <3

Growth is coming quickly and I have never been more ready.

ALSO, I will be having a 20% off store wide sale on etsy starting 12am Friday and ending Sunday!!
coupon code: "BLACKFRIDAYSALE" will run through the weekend! Be the first to snatch up anything you want from the store before the holidays.

xoxo Kala Noel.


  1. wow, great coat. Nice blog! Hope you'll join the giveaway on my blog?

  2. have you sold this poncho so far? it is amazing!

  3. the owls are amazing! as is the poncho :D

  4. so excited for you! and that fur hooded coat thing is incredible <3

  5. how can i get a hold of these owls!??? where can i BUY!???

  6. you are adorable and i love your owls and earrings!