Thursday, January 28, 2010

Today my Bailey dog had surgery. The poor girl had to have two cysts removed along with a leg that had been broken in three places reset. She has a cast on that is just about the size of three of her legs! It's terrible to watch her try and walk around. ):

Anyway, the other day Bruklyn belle and I went to a fantastic swap meet and found some GREAT vintage jewelery. It is all in
magical condition and very affordable. I bought 4 different necklaces. I'm planning on returning for more on Sunday!

here's a few photos I took of my favorite space at the swap meet:

It's the most darling set up. I wish I could have taken more photos and purchased everything in the booth! I will definitely return to take photos of everything I possibly can.

I'm afraid today's post is going to be quite short. I'll leave you with my look of the day posted on!

Till next time darlings..
xo Kala Noel.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your dog! I hope she's doing alright and that she has a speedy and full recovery.

    In any consolation, you look fabulous! I love those shorts - such an interesting yet flattering shape!

  2. Aw! I hope your doggy is feeling better, I have two pugs, so I know how hard it is to see your pet in pain/discomfort.

    I wish I could see that shop you visited! It looks beautiful.

  3. So gorgeous! I love your hat :)

  4. Diane- Thank you so much! She's doing much better now. they are really neat shorts.. BUT they are only flattering in certain areas.. ha. I still really like them.

    Caitlin- It is so difficult seeing your babies (pets) in pain. I've had her since the day she was born. She's 9 years old now. She means the world to me! I will be posting a photo of her and her huge cast soon.

    Lola- Thank you so much! It's one of my favorite hats.