Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Sew" excited!

For the past couple days I have been a sewing machine! This project is very exciting for me because I have been wanting something like this for SO long. The project is currently out of service right now because I am without some supplies to finish, but hopefully it will be finished very soon!
I've been sort of on the fritz for the last few days with a terrible cold but the wonderful echinacea tea last night and oatmeal with berries today have really turned my mood around!
On another note, I went spring packaging supply shopping for my etsy customers and I am SUPER happy with my purchases. It seems that I am more so excited for the upcoming seasons than I've ever been. I'll be sure to post photos of my packaging adventures in the near future.
Well, for now that is all. I may have some photographs posted later on with the finishing of my project/etsy updates!

xo Kala Noel.

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