Friday, January 22, 2010


I've been in some what of a daze lately.. This everyday headache is really getting to me! Must be the lack of sleep I always seem to get.

Today was very productive and go, go, go! I awoke to a message from a man? (or woman?) from Denmark who wanted to purchase 7 items from my etsy shop. 7 ITEMS!? holy smokes, right? He/she wanted to know if I could give some sort of break on the shipping cost. I really love working with my customers and doing the best I can to make them happy. So a lot of this morning was figuring out shipping costs for Denmark/the "biggest bang for your buck."
It's somewhat hard for me to not be a complete perfectionist when it comes to my etsy packaging but I think I'll make an exception this time.. (or will I.....)

After all of the shipping mumbo jumbo I decided to "dress up" and take a few photos. I went through about 17 different outfits before finding the "one" which I much later found out was a complete disaster and had quite possibly been showing my butt to just about everyone in Southern Oregon. Precious, right? It was definitely one of those outfits that you try and try to put together and once you put something that is somewhat cute on you just give up and run out the door (to take photos for lookbook and never actually like it enough to post it anyway..)

I definitely felt like a 10 year old girl looking through her closet and putting everything she could possibly find together.

Later on in the day I went thrifting with my mother. Let me tell you, it was probably one of the most successful days of shopping yet! We found such amazing vintage treasures. (I'll post my favorites very soon!)

We ended the day with Chinese food and my favorite television shows (Thursday are the best!)
Project runway was totally bonkers! It made me want to sew so badly.

Don't you love how I treat my blog as a personal daily schedule?

Anyway, here are a few photos from yesterdays outfit posted on lookbook

And a video to make this post a little more interesting!

xo Kala Noel.


  1. love both your outfits! and I know Project Runway was amazing this week! good thing I had sewing class today :)

    lovelove, M.

  2. I'm liking this new trend of changing your banner every day... I think I might try it :)