Monday, December 28, 2009


What a wonderful successful day!
Sewed a ton, embellished my whole dress and made a cute little rosette hair piece!

The only thing that's looking down is that I feel like I'm getting sick and I'm going to be in a wedding on Thursday. Hopefully the massive amount of tea, emergen-c and zyrtec will clear all this sickly-ness up!

Anyway, outfit of the day.. well, from a few days ago. haa.

also, this song has been coming up a lot lately..


  1. Such a sweet lace top and hat. Actually, the whole outfit is magnificent!

    I hope you're not sick! Hope you feel better soon if you are.

  2. That outfit...I'm in love. Win I win the lottery..from my Mega Million lotto ticket..I'll just hire you to shop for me. I can never find anything close to as good as what you put together! And I love that hat! I almost bought a red turban the other day.

    I like that we have a lot in common! How was the wedding? Pictures?

    And this song..what a great song to start my day too! Talk soon!