Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jacksonville yard sales

A couple weeks ago Bruklyn and I went to Jacksonville for the "Whole Town Yard Sale" they have every year. We went later on in the day on Sunday so we didn't get to see any of the actual treasures they have!

I would have taken more photos but every time I took my camera out someone would quickly ask me why I was taking photos. Almost as if I wasn't allowed to?
I took a few pictures of cute little set ups of old vintage memorabilia that have now been forgotten, went to a few estate sales in hopes to find something special but only left with a water bottle, a nice picture frame and some old levis promotional wallets.



the picture frame I purchased.. I have a collection in my room and I knew this one would fit in perfectly!

Some flowers I photographed. It never fails, every time I go somewhere with my film camera I always end up with at lease one photo of a mound of flowers.


Although it wasn't too successful I still enjoyed myself. Jacksonville is a lovely town with so much history, how could you not enjoy yourself?!


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