Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sunset Junction Street Fair!!

oh my lands.. I am so excited!

So, one of my very lovely customers has offered me to come to LA and sell my feather earring creations at the Sunset Junction Street fair.
Unfortunately I will not be able to personally attend the event.. ): BUT I will still be sending 40+ pairs down to LA for a couple lovely ladies to sell for me..
I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this.. It's going to be quite the ride to prepare the amount of earrings I'll need for the fair but I think with my motivation I'll be able to get it accomplished!

on a side note...
I'm watching taxicab confessions right now and it is absolutely nuts!
Oh the 90's..

Anyway, I'll be posting photos of earrings that'll be at the street fair! stay tuned

19 down!

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