Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New things! and GETTING REAL.

what I wore:
angora sweater: thrifted
1920s opera coat: vintage shop
black maxi skirt: vintage, thrifted
star&moon clips: handmade. black glove: vintage, thrifted.
(photos from the short snow storm we had in December. It snowed for one day and lasted for a full 2 weeks!)

Hey guys! again, again... it's been quite a long while since I've written on this here blog... BUTTTT, that will not detour me from making random appearances because if I'm being honest, blogging always ends up sounding extremely appealing after those small "breaks" I tend to take.

ANYWAY, I've recently ventured back into the world of online selling. I had been toying with this idea back and forth as many of you have probably gathered by the number of posts I had been writing, etc... Well, if I'm being completely honest it made me slightly, extremely NERVOUS.

Back in 2009, when I had started my first Etsy Shop I was extremely thrilled! I started off with selling my handmade, feather earrings then later ventured into vintage. I've always had such a passion for any and all things creative. Fashion, fine arts, crafting, sewing, I LOVE IT ALL! I was also extremely blessed with talented friends and a supportive family who encouraged me to take my passions and run with them. Now, as much as I'd love to say that I ran full force, eyes closed and hair blowing in the wind that would be a complete lie. I took more of a mild stroll on a slightly breezy day. I procrastinated far too much and became disorganized, I had forgotten what it felt like to have that passion for what I was doing.

Flash forward to 2012 when my etsy shops were no longer a thing and I became a waitress. I actually really loved it! The nearly two years I worked as a server brought on new appreciation for what I had already loved. ART. I began using every day off I had to sew dresses and wear them throughout my work week. I met amazing, older woman who graced me with an abundance of vintage fabrics while hearing story after story of sewing enduvers "back in the day."

"The break" had re-lit what I had always desired. I want so badly to share (with my tiny corner of the internet) my creative vision! As small as that may be. (:
It's definitely been a slowwwww process but I'm growing! I have so many amazing pieces that I'm sorting through and getting ready. I'll be stocking my shop, For the Beloved full of handmade AND vintage pieces! I would love For the Beloved to became a go to "one stop shop" stocked with an array of treasures.

AND WITH THAT ALL SAID... I want to say THANKKKKK YOUUUU!!! to all the beautiful people who have followed my blog, instagram, etsy, facebook and anything else. It really has been such an amazing growing experiences. You all are just gems!

XOXOXO, Kala Noel.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Mexican Summer

what I wore:
dress: handmade.
shoes: thrifted, vintage.
sunglasses: Ray Ban
necklace: my grandmothers.

Hey guys! so I know I've been posting a lot about dresses I've been making but it's honestly one of the only activities I've been doing outside of work. I really am pleased with how this dress turned out! I used a vintage fabric I found with my ma at a local estate sale.
I had been looking forward to making a backless dress for quite some time now. The heat around here is nearly intolerable! This is one of the designs I'll be creating once I get my shop up and running again but like I mentioned before, I am definitely willing to take custom orders at this time via email.

Anyway, I scored these Ray Bans several months back at Ross for $79.99! Isn't that a steal?! I had been looking for the perfect sunglasses for quite sometime and I just KNEW I would find a pair at Ross for half the cost and boy was I right. I pretty much gasped when I saw them and shortly after trying them on they went home with me. I've gone through so many huge, over sized, bug eye style glasses through the years so finding the perfect pair was so refreshing... However, I still love my ugly bug eye shades. HA!

I leave you with one of my favorite songs from 2009. I hope you soak it up on this summer day! (or winter day depending on where you're at! (;)
Kala Noel.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

wind & sand

what I wore:
knitted blouse: estate sale find. skirt: vintage from the 50s, thrifted.
shoes: Zara; Buffalo Exchange in San Fransisco.
necklace: antique store find; gifted.

Hello everyone! Happy Thursday to you all. I wanted to start out by saying thank you all sooo much for the comments & compliments on my handmade dress on the last post. To any of you wanting to custom order a dress or if you have any questions please feel free to email me at: I'm slowly but surely working my way to opening up an online shop and featuring more items I'm making but I'd gladly take custom orders now via email! (:

ANYWAY, I've written about this a number of times on my blog but I have to emphasis how much I love mixing eras. It always seems to end up being this fun challenge to thrift items from several different decades and pair them together to make a harmonious look. I found this knit top from an estate sale a few months back and this 50s skirt was a score at a local thrift store for $4! Sometimes I feel like I get in such a rut with wearing the same ole thing every other day so it's nice to gather some of my favorite, overlooked pieces and create something cohesive with it!

Kala Noel.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Girls are from Mars

what I wore:
galaxy print dress, handmade by me!
cardigan, vintage, thrifted.
socks, target.
Justin boots, thrifted.

I found this galaxy print at a local fabric shop in town and decided it was an absolute must to make a dress out of. I really like how it turned out! The colors are so vibrant and I can see myself wearing this dress year-round depending on how I style it. I've been trying to sew different styles of dresses and have made a couple tops. I definitely feel as though I've found the style I'm going for, I've yet to draft an actual pattern, though... Everything up to this point has been hand cut, folded, cut, and folded again. I've always had this weird distaste for instructions and following patterns. I love when pieces are one of a kind with a sense of individuality. It's more fun that way!

These past two weeks I've been out of work for a big remodel we're doing at the restaurant I work at. Thanks to my wonderful ma, I've been doing some much needed TLC with my shop inventory and I've started to completely organize and get rid of items I've grown less fond of. It feels great to get things accomplished. I really would not be able to do any of these things without the people I love in my life, it's really been an eye-opening experience. With the organizing I've done I'll be devoting some of my posts to outfits I'll be putting together with items from my shop inventory and hopefully selling outfits OR individual items right here on my blog! It'll be nice to get out of the slump I've been in and do something I really love and I can't wait to hear all of your feedback.

Until next time!
exoh, Kala Noel.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

In Wonderland

what I'm wearing:
lacy blouse, thrifted.
1950s dress, thrifted.
frye shoes, here.
tights, JC Penny.
I often find myself returning to very few places when I take blog photos but there is something about this little house that makes me continually come back. I love exploring the small town I live in; however, there are definite staple areas that have become extremely nostalgic for me.
I've really enjoyed my slow return into blogging again; it's been a challenge finding the time and energy to update but whenever I do I really feel a lot more at home. It's always been something I've loved to do. To be honest, I'd do it so much more if I had an organized plan of attack. I want to come back full force and post more REAL LIFE happenings and not just outfits. It's just about finding that balance and exploring what I truly want to share.
Now here's to coming back in a big way! (FINGERS CROSSED, RIGHT?!)
Kala Noel.