Friday, January 6, 2012

San Francisco Pt. 1: Renegade

Hello everyone & happy new year!!

The next few blogs I write are going to be all about my trip to San Francisco last month! I had the BEST time and Renegade was a total blast. I wish I could do it every weekend... Or every other weekend so that I had extra time to heal my tired feet and body! Ha...

As I mentioned before, my best friend Bruklyn and I split a full booth. We both wanted a super open space that went really well together and felt very inviting. I feel that we really came together and made this space represent our artwork and ourselves so well! The two of us are very much alike so our collaborations always seem to work together very harmoniously. (:

It was honestly so much fun. I was able to do a little walk around the second day and look at all the incredible and talented artists! There were a number of booths that had been there last year along with a slew of new faces! I can't wait for my next renegade experience. Bruklyn and I are both thinking of possibly doing the summer renegade, how fun would that be?!

I'll be back soon with a couple other posts from San Fransisco... In the mean time... be sure to check out Bruklyn's and my shop for handmade items: Doris Anne and Fox & Burrow

Kala Noel.


  1. Glad you had such a wonderful time in SF, all that jewelry galore!

  2. your booth looks amazing! i love doing craft fairs, you meet so many great people and get so inspired.

  3. Both of your creations are stunning! I especially love those triangular earrings. They make me wish my ears were pierced!

  4. looks like SO much fun!


  5. beautiful pieces!

    Happy New year ^^


  6. Great and simple inspiration!

  7. I want those feather earrings.


  8. i went to san fran in november, would love to return! my best friend from university is out there, and is making and selling her jewelry part time. she just moved out there, so it is starting out a bit slowly, but she loves the scene!