Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Corn maze pt. 2

The day before Halloween Bruklyn and I went back to the corn maze together and shot a few more photos. This time there were actually events going on such as a giant pumpkin catapult, zip lining and other fun things like that. It was pretty interesting to say the least.

This Autumn I have been trying to mix more colors into my wardrobe. Last year around this time I was going through quite the black spell which lasted through winter and onward. I decided that it is in my best interest to limit the amount of black I wear this season and next. Although black is one of my all time favorite colors to wear, I think that I'll be able to mix it up a bit instead of my go to black head to toe look. We'll see how it goes!

I find that I am a lot better at mixing prints rather than mixing colors, if that makes sense? I pretty much love finding everything floral & lace in my closest and mixing them all together to create an outfit. Sometimes it doesn't go as well as others but I still can't help but try!

What are some of your favorite Autumn pieces? Have you fallen victim to the black spell as well?

what I wore:
thrifted floral cardigan
thrifted lace blouse
thrifted sheer skirt
tights from target
ASOS clogs also found here

Kala Noel.


  1. Hoorah for thrifted outfits! Hehe. I really love all the different patterns and colors, such amazing autumn pictures. You're adorable!

    Wild Flower

  2. Such a wonderful myriad of hues! You look beautiful.

  3. I always want to wear black during the fall and winter. I need to try mixing patterns more!


  4. This outfit is so cool and I love the scenery in your photos too. The mix of prints and textures is really nice.

  5. so many pretty patterns! you're so adorable.

  6. You just convinced me to buy red tights :) love your hat, and the background is stunning!! So glad you got to go again and see the maze in full swing!

  7. What an amazing day you had! You are so adorable! It amazes me how simply perfect you look all the time!

  8. Your autumnal colours are amazingly striking again. The mountains in the distance and the cut field is quite the spectacular landscape.

    As soon as it's cold, being a skirt person, I'm either about a black or grey skirt or coloured skirt with black tights. I definitely don't ascribe to the 'don't wear white after Labour day' rule though. Fortunatley, these days, these are no rules. Embrace seasonal changes if you want, I say.

    Lovely work, again.

  9. This outfit is gorgeous! I love how you paired the colors and prints. This is something I'm trying to work on, I'm always nervous about doing that but think it looks so fabulous when I see it on others. :)

  10. I love your hat. I am such a sucker for them right now.

  11. Just stumbled across your lovely blog, you're gorgeous! I love that lace blouse, so pretty. Now following :)

    Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

  12. Your blog is absolutely beautiful - I'm now following you. You and this outfit are gorgeous. I agree, it is difficult to not fall into the trap of wearing all black at winter.


  13. I really love your mix of patterns here, and the tights are such a gorgeous color!

  14. You are beautiful! I love your style, so glad to have found your blog :) xx

  15. love this outfit and your photos, that corn makes an awesome backdrop!

  16. I love the outfit, the red tights look amazing with the skirt !

    The last pictures are my favs. You have such a beautiful smile. :)


  17. Dorisanne ... you should put up a FACEBOOK LIKE button right now ..cheerzz:)

  18. Hi! I just found your blog via Hivenn. Your outfit posts are so darn lovely, I am blown away. I will be sure to come back and visit again soon!!