Monday, June 27, 2011

Tick Talk

I've been dying to tell you this story all weekend. Last week my best guy friend Christian and I went to the park to take some outfit photos. On the way there I saw this barn (of course) that looked really pretty! We decided that on our way back we'd stop by to take a few more photos before heading out.

Anyway, after leaving the park we drove to the barn and walked over to start taking photos. The angle was sort of strange so I asked Christian if he could crouch down for a better view. The area he was in was full of tall dry grass. However, a lot of areas around here are surrounded by that kind of grass and we've never had this problem.....

After getting some photos Christian and I walked back to his car to drive to our friend's house to play a board game. As soon as he sat down he jumped out SOOO quickly! He was covered I mean... COVERED in ticks. They were on his shirt, pants, zipper, shoes, back, everywhere! (luckily they weren't attached, EW) We both started doing a dance around the car looking for ticks and cringing at the fact they were crawling all over him. ICK, ICK, ICK!!

The funny thing is that the area we were in was a complete bust in terms of photos. The lighting was wrong, angle was off and it was next to the freeway which made it pretty impossible to avoid cars in the background. Ha, I guess for every "good" photo shoot there is at least 10 bad ones!

We ended up driving home instead of going to our friends. I only found 1 tick on me and it just so happened to be on my sock. Christian found at least 4 more crawling on him once we got back home. Ugh, it was awful but a lot more humorous looking back at it!

What I wore:
1950's day dress, thrifted, Salvation Army
socks, (forgot the brand!)
purse, Dooney and Bourke, thrifted
hat, vintage, gift from my best girl, Bruklyn!
shoes, etsy

I'll be back soon this week for another post! until then...

Kala Noel.


  1. Amazing dress! I hate's good that you didn't get bitten! Pity the other photos didn't come out right but these are stunning :)

  2. You look so darling in that dress! I'm sorry to hear about the tick mishap, I still think the photos turned out beautifully!

    ♥, Jamie

  3. The dress is beautiful.
    Ticks are so horrible!
    I hate them.

    xx Viktoria

  4. lovely pictures, that dress is amaaazing looks great on you :)

  5. how awful about the ticks!! that must have been gross! at least you got other photos that day, you look beautiful!

  6. Eep, ticks! I don't usually mind creepy-crawlies, but when there are that many, and I know zey vant to suck my blooood... well, no thanks!

    That dress is so lovely, as if you found it at a thrift store! Lucky you!

  7. Just reading your tick story made my skin itch! Ugh, I hate bugs! It just goes to show that bloggers will put up with just about anything to get a good shot. ;)

    You always find the most beautiful vintage dresses! The print and pattern of this one are amazing, and I love the added detail of the ruffles.

  8. You are just a such a beauty with every outfit post you do. You are so very inspiring!

  9. Ticks are probably my least favorite creatures! I was fortunate enough to grow up in a rural area, but that meant frequently contending with the icky things. . . seems you handled it well though!
    Also I have been obsessing over 50's dressing as of late. You are so lucky to have found one at the Salvation Army! Looking beautiful, of course.

  10. i HATE ticks. HATE them. i use to get them all the time when i went to my grandparents farm..uuuuuugh. so horrible. i can not even imagine being covered in them.

    that dress is amazing. i can not believe you thrifted it. ahhh.
    it looks absolulty gorgeous on you.

  11. I am SO sorry to hear about your tick mishap! On the upside, you look gorgeous in all of these photos! XO

  12. Ew ticks! That's so creepy. I'm glad you guys didn't get bitten though. Your dress is super cute. The floral print almost looks kind of camo-like when you first glance at it. It fits you perfectly too. Very cute look!

  13. The pattern of the dress is gorgeous and I love how you paired it with a hat (practical and pretty) and those cute shoes. The ticks story sounds hilarious but also really squirmy at the same time, hopefully they don't attack you and your friend again! :) xx

  14. Thank you for the sweet comments everyone! I am smiling ear to ear. <3

    Yes, the ticks were SO gross... I can't believe how many there were.

    Kala Noel.

  15. that is disgusting! i would have felt them crawling hours after they were gone! on a good note, though, you look absolutely lovely!

  16. Just stumbled apon your blog today :) Could really do with learning how to do vintage, so I reckon I'll be back on soon! Can relate to your tick mishap, I have a similar and equally as ikky tick story myself. The joys of nature! anne x

  17. Oh gosh ick gross bleh! Ticks are the worst things EVER. I live in Northern MN and the county I live in is one of the top worst counties for ticks in the US...after taking outfit pics last week I found a tiny, baby tick on my dress, and the only reason I even saw it is because my dress was white. I wasn't even by trees or grass, just in the middle of the road. How in the world did a tick get on me at waist level?!? I swear I felt at least twenty more crawling on me later that night. *shudder* Anyway, ticks are sick. The end.

    I've really been obsessed with cute, ruffly, girly ankle socks lately, and yours are darling.

    Maria Elyse
    First Impressions
    Flying Ships Vintage

  18. That dress is such a great contrast to the background...beautiful photos, you look great (as always)...ahhh, Southern Oregon...

  19. A little off-topic.
    I took а picture of you at the Renegade Fair in SF and wrote about the fair in my Russian blog. You look so beautiful in those pictures, everybody in comments keeps saying that:)
    Hope you like it too!

  20. Kala you are a vision in vintage! You pull it all together so well! I featured you in my style crush series this week:

    Hope that's okay! You're such an inspiration :)

  21. Oh my!! My husband works outside as a land surveyor and I started telling him about your mishap and before I finished my sentence he said, "he must've had ticks all over him!" Apparently they love hay and tall grass and they crawl on my husband all summer long. So yeah, ticks are gross little creatures.

    But you look gorgeous!! That dress is full of beautiful colors!

  22. u you look amazing :)