Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Take a hike!

Now, before you all tell me how crazy I am for hiking in heels... Hear me out! I was not intending to go hiking that day, it sort of just happened. Plus, my shoes are rather comfortable so I didn't really mind, ha.

My mother, Bailey and I traveled out of town to do a bit of thrifting and I originally had the idea of doing a post based on this outfit with two different pairs of shoes. Sort of like a "which would you prefer" blog post. However the weather did not cooperate so I ended up hiking a trail down a mountain overlooking the prettiest river. Wish I could have gotten more photos!

The sun did decide to come out for a little while so I fully took the opportunity to take some photos without my sweater on to show you all one of the dresses I purchased on my thrifting adventure the other day. It's my absolute favorite! It's so pretty and so sheer. I have the loveliest black lacy slip that looks so nice underneath. I'm still deciding if I should keep this for myself or add it to my shop.

Once the sun fully comes out in Southern Oregon I'll be sure to blog better photos of this dress showing how pretty it actually is. I promise!!

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I'll be doing a few layout adjustments and sponsoring very soon! Can't wait to share more with you all. Setting goals for myself right. now. !!!

Kala Noel.


  1. Such lovely photos as always. The dress and the clogs are perfect.

  2. Haha, I was wondering about the shoes. I once randomly went hiking like that with my parents, except I just wound up taking sandals off since being barefoot was easier.

    That dress is lovely on you, I say you keep it!

  3. I like that dress on you, I definitely think you should keep it. As for the hike in the dress....who says dresses aren't meant to be worn everywhere?! Hikes included!

  4. Lovely

  5. You are just so gorgeous, wow. & gorgeous shoes.

  6. oh my god how beautiful are you.. i love your hair, so adorable!