Thursday, March 10, 2011

A snow day

A few weeks ago my best girl and I found and purchased the most
darling vintage victorian sofa ever! We also had ourselves a little "snow" day.

it fits perfectly in with the studio. Exactly what we were looking for. I love it.

This season has been a very mellow one so the snow was actually rather refreshing! Plus, I miss the good ol' days where my best friends and I would get dressed up and take "winter wonderland" photos when we were in Highschool.

After having what seemed to be the perfect day, I was rushed to the hospital later on that evening! A few days later I went back to the hospital again.. then again and then I was hospitalized for nearly 3 days!! I'm still trying to catch up on the several days of life I missed out on however, I'm much better now.

This weekend I'm supposed to have another fun and eventful day with Bruklyn. Let's hope the evening ends with a good bang this time!

Kala Noel.

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  1. gosh you are always so cute!!! that coat is wonderful, the color is fabulous.