Friday, February 18, 2011

We made the dyed hair pledge

Will you?

Untitled from BruklynandHuckleberry on Vimeo.

Last night Bruklyn and I were at the studio experiencing an evening full of giggles and "serious" video blogging. We vlogged to the MAX.

I've tried many times to video blog on my own but I always feel as if I'm forcing myself to be something or someone I'm not! I am a very non-serious person for the most part so it's always fun to add a little fun to my EvEr so growing ~FASHION~ blog.

I hope you enjoy this clip as much as we did. I am sure there will be many more! Unless this one is a complete failure..

Later I'll be posting some photos of my new hair! I'm still getting used to it.. But, so far so good.

Kala Noel.