Friday, February 11, 2011

My vintage collection

A couple weeks ago my bestfriend, Bruklyn did a post on her personal vintage collection. It completely inspired me and I just had to do a post about my collection!

I have many, many pieces that I cherish SO much.. As a seller I find it incredibly difficult to let go of certain items. I hadn't felt this way about selling up until I sold one of my very favorite pieces.. I was DEVASTATED. I know that may seem a little dramatic but believe me, I was completely heart broken when it sold. I felt so awful. After that happened I was determined to form an actual collection of beautiful vintage pieces that were mine and only mine!

So, here are the first few pieces I adore:



This lovely 1920's piece came to me sometime in the beginning of last year. I found it at St. Vincent de Paul. I seriously had a complete vintage heart attack. There it was! Just right there, the very first 1920's piece I've ever had for 13 BUCKS!!!! Holy moley right? I kept gasping and holding it tight, couldn't believe my eyes. I was so happy.

This 1930's piece came from one of my favorite vintage shops here in town called "As You Like It." I absolutely love the 20's, 30's and 40's SO much.. Adrienne, (the owner) is one of my lovely friends. She has collected vintage for many, many years. I often go over there and show her my new finds and we discuss the glorious-ness of beautifully crafted clothing. This month I am helping her start an etsy where I will be selling her lovely vintage treasures. I am really looking forward to sharing the marvelous items she has.

This darling little 1920's morning shift is SO pretty. Peachy silk chiffon with little ruffles and bow detail. Surprisingly, I found this little number at Goodwill as-is. Can you believe it!? Someone was throwing this out!! When I found it I was still pretty new at dating items however, I knew it was older and I knew it was special!

The newest member to the group is this AMAZING dress. When I purchased it the seller had said it was a 20's dress however, after further inspection I have come to find out that this BEAUTIFUL dress is really a unique find! The lace dates somewhere in the early 1900's. It's so incredibly delicate and dainty, unlike anything I've ever seen or felt.. However, the beading work looks to be very 1930's - 40's. Adrienne and I came to the conclusion that this dress was a redesign of a much older dress that was later redone with bead work and velvet sequins. I honestly want to stare at it all day long, it's that good!

Well, that's all for now. I have many other items I'll post in the future! I'd love for other people to join in on these posts. What items are in your personal collection?

Kala Noel.

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  1. That morning shift made my poor little heart stutter! I'm happy/sad for you that your favorite dress sold. The bittersweet life of a vintage shop owner.