Saturday, January 8, 2011


My sister Jenny moved back to Oregon about a month ago after living in the beautiful state of Alaska! I am SO happy to have her back here. Anyway, a few nights ago we had a slumber party and Jenny went on and on about how she loves when my eyebrows show and how much she wanted me to cut my bangs short again. As the night went on we became more and more silly and I finally went into the bathroom and hacked about an inch off.. Well, an inch became about 3 inches after about 30 minutes of "evening" them out.

I cut my bangs myself all the time but for some reason I couldn't control myself that night! Jenny says it's something to do with the "Lunar Eclipse"

So, that's the story behind my baby bangs.. Personally I can't wait for them to grow back! I feel naked without my forehead covered.

Anyway, here are a couple photos from tonight's etsy update:



Items will be added to the shop tonight!


  1. Ohh I LOVE the new fringe! This is how I am contemplating cutting mine next! It suits you so much!

    Ayesha x

  2. aw the baby bangs are cute, but if you feel naked without a bit more coverage, cut them so theyre justtt above your eyebrows. I think thats a pretty good length.

  3. the bangs look soooooo cute on you!! you are gorgeous, doll.

  4. ohhh great blog, miss!


  5. I always cut my own bangs, and then regret it afterwards. You have lovely eyebrows though :)

  6. so great here!