Friday, October 29, 2010

Renegade Craft Fair!

I'm so happy to tell everyone that I have officially been accepted into The 2nd Annual Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Sale in San Francisco!!! I am absolutely overjoyed by this!
I'll be attending the fair and sharing a booth with the lovely Chelsea from Seablanket.
I have so many ideas running through my head as to what to bring, how to set up the booth (luckily I'll have my bestfriend to help me with this one) and how many items I should make! I am so nervous, excited, anxious and overwhelmed all at once.

Tonight was my first evening of making feather earrings and I was able to complete 9 pairs in 4 hours! Pretty record breaking for me, I must say. My goal is to complete 100 earrings in the next 10 days.. I know it sounds a little wacky.. However, I feel that in order to feel successful and "complete" I'll have to make and bring as many things as possible!
Along with my earrings I'll be selling plush felted owls, headpieces, recycled velvet bows, cards and much, much more!
I have only 6 weeks to complete all of this madness! I am a complete procrastinator so, I've decided that posting online "progress reports" will give me a real kick in the butt!
I'll be uploaded my progress on twitter along with hopefully blogging and letting you all know what's going on with these crafting fingers of mine.

I hope to see and meet SO many people at the fair! This is such a huge opportunity for me and my business and I'd be one happy gal to share it with each and everyone of you!

If you live close (or far away.. (;) and happen to want to swing by the fair I'd be so happy to meet you! It's going to be quite the event!

I leave you with a few of my owl friends I've been working on:

A little sneak preview of what's to come!

OH and another thing, if any of my readers have ever done renegade or any craft fair.. How did it go? Tell me about your experience! I'd love to hear about it.

Kala Noel.


  1. Congratulations! Wish they had something like that here and those owls are so heart breakingly perfect!

    Ayesha x

  2. Cute!! I will be there so it will be fun to meet you :)