Sunday, May 23, 2010

Perfect spring and summer hats

Hats have got to be one of my favorite accessories of all time. Since the weather has been unreliable and completely flip floppy I've had few chances to sport my large brimmed straw hats. I believe that every lady should have at least one of these fun summery items in their closets!
I have been compulsively purchasing large wide brimmed hats along with floppy summer hats for the past several months now, I simply cannot resist the urge.
My head feels so naked without something on top to accompany my long locks. How dare I deprive it from something so great!?

I'm sure many of you have seen my collection grow and grow as my blog posts come. And believe me, my room and closet has definitely taken a hit from this obsession.
It's just one of those things, you know?

Anyway, here are a few summery hat eye candy for my fellow hat lovers and blog viewers.

AstralBoutique, $32

LOOKs on etsy, $45

Vintage straw hat, $18

Cheers my darlings and happy hat hunting!
xo Kala Noel.


  1. Ooooh these hats are beautiful. I've developed a little hat obsession myself.

  2. Normally I don't play around with color in hats but that red hat is seriously making me reconsider! :)

  3. fabulous hats, you look just lovely in the last pics :)

  4. I love your hats! I only have two for summer but I hope to expand my collection.

  5. How I agree, hats are just the loveliest things to don. I do have to build up my collection though, so I think thrifting this summer will be just for that.

  6. i love your hats.. .. gorgeous pics!

  7. I love hats but I find that a lot of vintage ones are too small for my big ol head! hmpf. that one looks lovely on you =)