Monday, April 26, 2010

Events, happenings, and new vintage!

First off, I'm terribly sorry for the lack of updating lately.. I have been awfully busy with so many things. I promise to start being more attentive to my lovely followers.
Secondly, holy smokes! 101 followers, what a pleasant surprise!! Hello and welcome to all of my new readers. I hope I don't disappoint.

Anyway, I met up with my favorite vintage lady friend who is kind enough to call me as soon as she goes through her many lovely closets full of beautiful vintage items. Most are fabulous dresses from her long stay in England. I die of happiness almost every time I go there.
I was able to go to her house twice these past couple weeks and purchase quite a few lovely late 1950's to early 60's day dresses.
I went ahead and listed some of the ones I could part with on my etsy. I still have a few left over from the last visit. I have butterflies in my stomach just thinking about them!
I can't wait to show you all.

In other news, I will be speaking with my other favorite lady friend tomorrow about a few street fairs coming up in LA. Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to sell some of my handmade feather earrings there, along with a lovely boutique in downtown LA. Other than my absolute love for vintage my love for hand crafting feathery goodness makes me so giddy. Creating is definitely my first love.

Well, enough of my rambling! Here are a few photos of items recently added to my shop.

Long maxi dress, $56

Floral summer dress with pockets, $36

Adorable Gunne Sax dress with pockets, $56

Polka dot romper, $34

Sherbet 1950's day dress, $67

Well, I do hope everyone's weekend was excellent. I have had a pretty eventful weekend which even included finally getting my new laptop! Ah, the refreshing feeling of something new and useful. (:

xo Kala Noel.


  1. Holy crud!
    Oh my gosh...
    Those dresses are so pretty!
    Totally wouldn't mind having one for myself...
    I may have to stop by your shop.. the romper is
    Exactly what I'm looking for! Bye!

  2. love the colorful floral dresses
    xx helen

  3. Great additions to the shop!

  4. Gosh, that romper is amazing :]

  5. Love the last dress! This is my first visit to your blog but I think I'll be coming back more often! :-)

  6. Great Style. By the way, I LOVE that you use that feather as a banner for your blog!

  7. Oh are so intensely creative! Found your blog through your etsy shop, from those INSANELY fantastic earrings that I am going to buy. Your blog is soo neat! Please try and update more : )
    much Love,

  8. oh god i want to die - that gunne sax dress is perfection. WHY did you have to sell it to anyone other than me? :(